Field Trip to Woodard Bay

One of the classes I took in the summer required me to go one a field trip to Woodard Bay Conservation Area to observe and experience the animal population there. We spent morning til’ sunset around the area, as we were waiting for the bats to come out.

In its early history, Woodard Bay was an area used for logging, and there was an old railroad used to transport the timber. However, the area has been restored, and now the forest is filled with Red Cedars, Douglas Fir, making it a home for bats, harbor seals, and various birds. 

The remains of the railroad is now an aesthetic and historical part of Woodard Bay.
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Deer carcass found on the beach.


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Classmate #1
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Classmate #2

The diversity in the area is quite amazing, because there are so many animals living in this area that you would just miss if you aren’t being present. I don’t have the pictures but we saw Douglas Squirrels, Garter Snakes, Little Brown Bats, Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcon, a Blue Heron and a tiny Pacific Chorus Frog. And then there are things that we couldn’t see very clearly but definitely heard, like Cormorants, Chickadees, Harbor Seals and Woodpeckers.

I personally think that Woodard Bay is worth visiting if you’re interested in the history and diversity of the area. If you’re not into animals, I think it’s a great place to just walk around the forest, perhaps have a picnic by the lake, and just reflect on life. But keep in mind that it is rather far from the city, so it might not be ideal for some.


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