#throwback : New Orleans

Earlier today, I was casually scrolling through the photo library on my phone, just deleting those photos that no longer hold any relevance for me (’cause everyone needs more memory on their phone right?). A wave of nostalgia swept over me as I came across my photos from the Spring break of 2014. I had gone on my very first road trip in the US with a bunch of friends to New Orleans, Louisiana, and perhaps this was the trip that started it all. This was the trip that awakened the explorer within me. Looking back at it now, I realize just how much has changed since then.

There’s the obvious: I am no longer a sophomore, I’ve graduated and no longer have the luxury known as ‘Spring Break.’ Then there’s the not so obvious: my relationship with each one of my friends on this trip is different now. Over the past few years, we’ve all moved on to different stages of life, some have moved away, while others have stayed. Some relationships have remained, some have been thrown away, and still there are others that have disconnected and reconnected time and again.

It truly amazes me that despite being hit by hurricanes, New Orleans has remained the same at heart. The streets continue to be vibrant with music, culture and history that is so… New Orleans. It is a reflection of how throughout the hurricanes and whirlwinds of life, the things and people that are deeply rooted in our lives are the ones that will stay.

Musicians on the streets of NOLA.
Equestrian Statue of Major Gen. Andrew Jackson at Jackson Square.
Ship cruising by Mississippi River Bridge in NOLA.

My personal favorites from this trip were visiting the WWII Museum, catching a jazz show at Preservation Hall, and just strolls along French Quarters. I really think that New Orleans is a city that you have to experience on your own, because these photos definitely do not do it justice and fail to capture the atmosphere or the spirit of the city.

Display at the World War II Museum.

You really can’t talk about NOLA without talking about food. Alas, the food was well on its way to our stomachs before our phones were out of our pockets. So, not very many pictures, but these two are musts for me: breakfast/brunch at Restaurant Lüke and beignets + coffee at Café Du Monde.

Restaurant Lüke
Beignets from Café Du Monde

“What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in New Orleans, goes home with you.” – Laurell K. Hamilton

The question is: Which city stays with me and which city do I stay in?

(Note: Photos were taken using an iPhone 5S)


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